Slot Overview: Raging Dragons

After exploring the Middle East in Kings of Gold, iSoftBet decided to head back to Europe. Of course, we’re referring to the highly regarded Asian-themed games that iSoftBet loves to produce. The rate at which these slot machines are being mass-produced suggests that at least some members of the gaming public agree. As long as there is originality and high quality, it’s not a negative thing. Is it anything iSoftBet crammed into Raging Dragons?

The visual and auditory aspects of iSoftBet games are consistently high quality. There’s no questioning the skill of the designers that crafted Raging Dragons’ breathtaking scenery. It’s not exactly creative, but the blue tones used in the design of the mountains are really pretty and help to draw attention to the sheer height of the surrounding cliffs. Pagoda-style Chinese architecture crowns the highest peak, while the game’s five reels and three rows sit atop the mountain range. The 5 multicolored lions that perch atop the reels are an interesting twist. These are functional in the aspects discussed farther down, so they’re not simply there for show.

The minimum wager on an iSoftBet slot machine is 20 percent and the maximum is $/€20. Raging Dragons is a slot machine game with no paylines and 243 different ways to win that can be played on any device. Here, the leftmost reel in any row determines whether a winning combination of three or more of a type occurs. The game’s flow is improved by the system, and it has a more contemporary feel than if the designer had matched the classic theme with fixed paylines.

Raging Dragons generates some very respectable numerical results. Although it was unavailable during testing, the predicted rate of return (RTP) is somewhere around 96%. The trip might be a bit chaotic at times due to the extreme volatility and fluctuating symbol prices. In addition, the bonus game offers a variety of customization choices, allowing players to adjust the level of risk to their liking.

But first, a couple additional ground rules. The developer has loaded the paytable with a scatter, wildcards, and 11 different pay symbols. Royals from the traditional 9-to-A card deck and premiums with a more thematic focus are all part of the pay table. A kite, a horse, a junk boat, a statue of a chicken, and some sort of bottled potions may all be found here. They’re not the typical slot machine symbols, but they all have a distinct Asian flavor that’s enjoyable. Five premiums in a row have a value between sixty and two hundred times the initial wager.

Slot Machine Raging Dragons Functions

Raging Dragons has a good variety for those that desire extras to round out their Asian gaming experience. There’s a wide range of options, with additional features appearing both in the main game and in the free spins round, with the potential for some impressive payouts if everything falls into place.

Players have significant agency in Raging Dragons. Wild Dragon has a function that requires some screen clicking. One, two, three, four, or five times the normal multiplier is applied whenever a wild appears on reels 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Wilds only appear on one reel in the original game, and for some reason it’s up to the player to decide which one they wish to activate.

The enigmatic Lucky Envelope addition is one of the best additions. The custom of giving money in a red envelope, known as an hongbao in Chinese, is widespread across Asia. The red letter feature in Raging Dragons can occur on any spin. When pressed, the enveloper reveals an 8x, 88x, 888x, or 8888x wager in cold hard cash.

When three of the green orbs appear, the bonus game begins. When 3, 4, or 5 scatters appear, players not only enter a bonus game, but also receive a payout of 2x, 5x, or 20x. Now, in typical Blueprint Gaming fashion, gamers may select from six different free spins features:

You get 10 free games plus a 10, 15, or 30x wild multiplier.

13 bonus spins with 8x, 10x, or 15x wild multipliers

15 bonus spins with 5x, 8x, or 10x wild multipliers

20 no-risk spins with 3x, 5x, or 8x wild multipliers

25 bonus spins with a 2x, 3x, or 5x wild multiplier

The sixth unknown choice can give you any number of free spins and any multiplier from the previous five choices. During the bonus round, wild symbols have a multiplier that changes with every spin, and they can appear anywhere on all five reels. If a player gets one or two scatters, they’ll get two or four more free spins added to their remaining number of spins, respectively. Alternatively, if you land three scatters, you’ll retrigger the first free spins option and win the corresponding cash reward again.

Slot’s Decision on Raging Dragons

Raging Dragons is a fun game that might satisfy Western gamers as well as Asian ones. While the multiplier bonanza in the bonus game is undeniably exciting, players won’t lose interest in the regular game because to features like the Dragon Reels and the persistent allure of the red letter bonus. Although the gameplay is straightforward, the inclusion of extra features and 243 chances to win make this game better than average by Asian standards.

The fact that iSoftBet frequently visits the Far East suggests as much. Their skill is evident in the excellent quality of the visuals and the manner the concept is presented, which is familiar in some ways yet subtly fresh in others. Studios can only use so many dragons and kung fu masters when building an Asian-themed slot machine. iSoftbet has crammed a lot of them in, but adding authentic cultural touches like the red envelope makes the game more enjoyable. Big victories may literally jump out of the envelope, and the game has a lot of promise to begin with. Gaining up to 12,150 times your initial wager might increase its popularity.

Overall, Raging Dragons is a serviceable slot machine, bordering on essential for those with a penchant for Asian-themed games. It’s not that captivating overall, but there’s some good gaming hidden behind the generic packaging.

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